kladlab collective explores human cognition through artistic practice.

kladlab collective

Shanti Ganesh (PhD Radboud University Nijmegen) is a neuroscientist by training and the initiator of kladlab. Her focus is on addressing theoretical and methodological issues in cognitive neuroscience as well as the relation of neuroscience to society through artistic practices. Her art-science work adds a novel approach to the research agenda of the Critical Neuroscience Initiative. The idea for kladlab sprung from art-science collaborations during her postdoctoral research at the University of California, Berkeley between 2012-2014.

Vincent Kortnik (Master of Finance, Tulane University/IESA; BSc Biology, Universidad Simón Bolívar) is a relentless explorer who bridges the fields of biology and corporate finance to create meaningful social and environmenal changes. He started his career as marine biologist and later switched to corporate finance, where he worked for multinationals and startups across Panama and Venezuela. His aim is to articulate awareness and potential solutions for environmental and social problems, utilizing business or finance related approaches, but with a simplicity that encourages people to take differentiated actions in their daily decision-making processes.

sketch labs

Crispy Noodle Neuroscience (CNN) - An informal series of critical neuroscience dinner conversations between neuroscientists at a restaurant in The Hague's tiny cutesy Chinatown. The CNN dinner series slowly grows the ingredients for an art-neuroscience sketch lab to be held in Fall 2019. Are you a neuroscientist stopping by The Hague and wishing to join us for noodles and neuroscience? Contact us for the next CNN date!

Waste Away - A sketch lab addressing the implications of the common habit of discarding food. How can we facilitate clear and simple alerts, facts and figures of all the costs and circumstances that are behind that one pineapple that we throw away, because we kept it in the fridge for too long? Can we ping to the mind the environmental and social costs of a piece of fruit, such as how much fertilizer was used, how much CO2 was released during its transport, or how many children worked on the fields for it to grow and be brought to us? Can astute awareness of the complete production and waste journey lead to better individual decisions related to wasting food?

artistic creation

digit digit

digit digit - a kladlab initiated project in collaboration with Asian Canadian artiste Natalie Tin Yin Gan on tactics for citizen freedom in the digital surveillance age. Incubated with a grant from the Dutch Creative Industries Fund (2017), now further developed in Canada with a research and creation grant from Canada Council for the Arts. Photo: Kimura Byol.